About us

An international company of textile specializing in a wide range of chain supply.

Our Passion

Meet our customers’ needs with the most affordable prices and on-time delivery.

Our Commitment

We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Who Are We?

An Agent

An Importer

A Supplier

We have customers in different business models, hence they have different needs.  For this purpose, we have positioned ourselves in order to meet our customers’ needs. Each customer can choose the most appropriate operating model for themselves. We provide services to our customer’s as an agency and a supplier. We determine which operating model is best suited to our customers’ needs so that we can do our job in the most accurate and devoted way. Our goal is meet our customers’ needs with the most affordable prices and on-time delivery.

Working With





Our customers can be a brand, a wholesaler or a chain store. We have a very flexible structure in order to provide the most appropriate service to these customer groups which have different working practices.


Trend Park was founded in 2000 in Hong Kong. Trend Park’s aims to provide apparels at affordable prices with speed and high-quality service. Today, with an experience of 18 years, Trend Park offers production infrastructure in many countries, mainly in Turkey, China, and Bangladesh, to the customers in different countries of the UK and Europe. Trend Park is moving towards becoming a global supplier.


Honesty: We work with the highest moral values.

Confidence: We create a working environment which provides a mutual trust with our employers and customers, where people are not afraid of taking lists, they can freely defend and share the values and opinions they believe.

Faith: This is our trust in our employees and customers. It encourages them to always achieve the best.


With the supply chain that we have created for our customers comprised of brands, wholesalers and retailers, we provide a production capacity of hundreds of factories, all tested and approved, in the world’s leading production areas. Our goal is to facilitate the business life of our customers and offer them more advantages. In doing so, we try to minimize the risks that might occur throughout the whole process and we demonstrate a sustainable performance in cooperation with our partners.

Speed: In order to stay competitive, speed is the first thing our customers demand from us. Speed helps to shorten the production times, increases sales values and reduces stock risks.

Our aim is to enable the highest speed in the supply chain possible.